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Fellas, do you want to look sharp and trim without breaking the bank?  If so, then check out SlimSuitShop.com, our exclusive online shop for the internet's best kept secret in men's suits, dress shirts and accessories!

Slim & Sharp

Men’s Slim Suit Shop is your one stop source for best quality fashion outfits at unexpected prices.

With a revolutionary new style of fashionable designs and a variety of colors, the Slim Suit Shop is certain to have the look you desire! We pride ourselves on having manufacturer direct suits 
and offering the best prices in the market place with discounts at up to 50% off our competitors' prices!  And, our suits have an added bonus:  a slimming effect, to help you look even hotter in your new threads! So not only do you get a high quality and fashionable suit, you will appear even slimmer!

What sets the Slim Suit Shop apart is our commitment to quality and workmanship. We offer beautifully made, expertly tailored clothing, as well as trendy, stylish casual wear. Our expert staff of sales professionals pride themselves on delivering supreme customer satisfaction and will provide you with the exemplary service you deserve!

Check out us online and get slim and trim at slimsuitshop.com!

Top Reasons for Shopping at SlimSuitShop.com

An establisged and fast-growing Company!

1. Always Low Price:

Because of our extensive, solid relationships with manufacturers here and abroad, we always provide you with the best price and quality of our products in the market place.

2. Wide Selection of Products:

SlimSuitShop.com carries a full line of products: slim fit suits, ties and dress shirts. You will find any color you can think about of with our dress shirts, and you will never feel helpless when receiving wedding invitations or going to a prom with color dress codes.

3. Fast Shipping:

SlimSuitShop.com customers are always surprised by how fast they receive their order from us, even when placing orders over the weekend. SlimSuitShop.com is able to offer world class shipping through long time, close partnerships with UPS and other major carriers. Our well-trained warehouse personnel take good care of your orders by making sure they are packed in accordance with our high standards.

4. 30 Days Return / Exchange Policy:

If you are not satisfied with our products, you may return it to us within 30 days of the arrival date of your order if your order is still in original condition, for details please refer to our return policy section.

5. We Respect Your Privacy:

SlimSuitShop.com respects your right to privacy. Protecting information about our customers is an important part of our business, and we do not share it with others. All our data is stored in a secure server with multiple layers of firewall protection.

6. Secure Online Ordering and Transaction:

SlimSuitShop.com transactions are handled and processed with industry-leading VeriSign/RSA Secure 1024 Bits SSL encryption.

Our Designer's Methods:


Stitching is the foundation for holding up all the parts of men's suits. It is also the hallmark of quality in the work of a tailor or designer. We deliver neat and firm stitching on all parts of our men's suits.
The buttons and button holes are good places to inspect the quality of stitch. There should be several rounds of stitch at the button holes without uneven finishes.
As a note, hand-stitching is the best but its finish is usually uneven compared to machine-stitch.
An interesting stitching called pic or pick stitching has been used on suits. It threads the outlines on certain areas of the suits.
These stitching are clearly visible even using the same color as the suit. It can be hand-stitched or machine stitched but the latter can still give a feel of hand-stitching finish.


The intention of lining is to provide comfort for the wearer. It also covers unsightly mens suits details like seams and fuses that hold the suit together.
The lining helps to avoid contact of these seams and fuses from the body as well as cover up any unsightly sewings. Men's suits can be “fully lined” (i.e. line 3/8 of the suit jacket) or “partially lined” (i.e. ½ suit lining).
Your choice for suit linings should be rayon, Cupro Bemberg, or silk since they provide a smooth and silky feel.
One of the important men's suits details about lining is to avoid it sagging below the suit. A well finished lining should be firm and short of the edge of the suit.

Collar and Lapel

Make sure the collar fits snug tightly around your neck without buckling. One half inch of the dress shirt should be visible under the suit collar.
Suit collars extending to the front part of the chest area are known as lapels. Lapels and collars are widely modified men's suits details during different decades.
For example the sixties have much thinner lapels and seventies have much wider ones.
Standard lapel width should be 3 to 4 inches. Most importantly, it should be proportionate to the overall size of the men's suit as well as the distance between the chests to the shoulder.
Lapels have to fall flat on your chest. They should not buckle or bunch up. In general, lapels should have the end tip about halfway between the suit’s top sleeve and collar.

Shoulder Padding

Do not overlook these inconspicuous men's suits details. They are meant to make the suit hang over men’s body with firmness and keep the suits in shape.
Most suits have padding and the thickness of shoulder pads depends greatly on the men’s shoulder and body shape.
Heavy padding will not be suitable for men with broad shoulders; otherwise, it will make them look more like football players.
Slightly thicker shoulder pads would be suitable for slope-shouldered men to make the suit look leveled.

Armhole and Sleeve

Armholes are the inside of your sleeves where you slip your arm in. Generally high arm holes would give your suit a nice drape even when big arm movements (e.g. lifting up your arms) are made.
The armholes should be wide enough for easier movement of arms and ensure the bottom armholes are not tightly pressing into your armpits.
Sleeves are pretty standard in men's suits details based on its designs and length. An important piece of advice about sleeves is that they should end at about ½ to ¼ inch before the dress shirt cuffs worn within.
Ideally the sleeve will end at the mid-point of your wrist bone. This criteria needs to have the arms resting at the sides.

Mens Suits Pants

Men's suits details encompassing the pants are the drape, the pleats and the cuffs. The drape of the pants over your lower body should be smooth (no bulge or creasing especially under the waist area) and floats over your legs.
The rise (portion between the crotch area to waistband) is important to take note of as well. Ensure that the length of the rise complements your height. Taller men will need a suit with higher rise while shorter men should look for lower rise.
There are 3 types of pleats to choose from: single pleat, double pleat, and pleatless flat front. You can also choose either to have the usual pleats or inverted pleats.
Now the current fashion trend in men's suits details is having pleatless flat front pants. This gives a very clean and smooth look.
Cuffs are upward folds made at the end of the pants. It is recommended that your cuffs be 1½ - 1¾ inch wide depending on the men’s overall size.
Generally pant cuffs look better on taller men. There is a tendency to make shorter men look even shorter with cuff pants. Make sure the cuff at the pants end fall with ease without too much gather.


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