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​T-shirt or tie for you today?

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No wonder nowadays, t-shirt & jeans is considered “standard” daily dress in much of the US. Dress-up could mean a polo shirt and chinos, but dressing down could possibly even be sleeveless and shorts. Certainly the attention you draw from the crowd by wearing a suit-tie can makes you somewhat nervous or feel awkward. But this summer is always a good time to try some new dress up style that might add some flavor to your social life. Here is some friendly code of dressing that does not makes your suit & tie look like a historical reservation. On the other hand, this is not a “these kids nowadays” sort of social report.

Fancy Shirt:

I assume you are not a big Zegna fan or having to buy shirt matches your suit store. These color shirts are cheap and totally disposable after a few months of wear. You can do different color everyday or make numerous combinations with suit and ties.

Colorful ties:

Same result from the shirt, cheap, and more choices. Colorful ties are especially valuable if you are not into colorful shirts.


Never ignore those details, because a watch, a pen or a pair of hanging sunglasses can make you a totally different person in another one’s perspective. Shirt pocket is for sure a key spot to work on. A pen or a handkerchief really adds the definition to your shape. If you are not sure about it, go ahead and ask your ladies.

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